Het laatste nieuws van IQ@work

Introduction of the XPRNC team assessment

Last year we launched XPRNC, the management game for teambuilding and working in projects. Based on leading projects for many years, the participants experience in a short timeframe all aspects of the rollercoaster ride projects can be. In a pressure cooker environment the team learns by experience how to maintain focus and to do what […]

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Foto Jaap de Waard

Skylounge Amsterdam

On September 18th we celebrated our 10 year anniversary with business partners, clients, friends and family. This marked the ending of a period full of festivities and the beginning of a new decade of IQ@work.  

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Jubilee kick off at North Sea Jazz

IQ@work was founded 10 years ago and that is something we will celebrate. Friday, July 11th, the IQ@work partners and special guests visited the North Sea Jazz festival and started a year full of festivities to celebrate this milestone. More to come!

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IQ@work announces XPRNC – the management game

In the past months, our team has worked hard to develop XPRNC, the management game powered by IQ@work. Coming soon! But for those who can’t wait, go to www.xprnc.nl for more information. Only in Dutch.

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Beurs – World Trade Center

Dutch documentary about Beurs World Trade Center, home of IQ@work since 2011.

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